by Cynthia Brown on November 30, 2012

It has been raining all day in Santa Monica. Naturally this means I'm going to take a break (procrastinate) and look at pretty rain-related photos on the Interwebs. To celebrate the fact that SoCal has some weather (and so I have an excuse to post my photo haul), let's do a giveaway! Upload an outfit or inspiration image between now and Sunday and you'll be entered to win a $50 gift card to any of the retailers we work with. Easy!

Now for some random rain photos. On the left is The Puddle Jumper taken in 1934 by Martin Munkácsi. He's known for saying, "Think while you shoot." Good advice. On the right is Homage to Munkácsi taken in 1957 by Richard Avedon. It's not a waste of time if you're learning something, right? 




And here are some small people in boots ... jumping puddles. Hope your weekend is this happy! (Photos link to sources.)



by Cynthia Brown on November 27, 2012

One thing I've learned from Monocle: Red Delicious is that you can do a lot with red. Granted, this is like saying you can do a lot with bacon, but as you all know I'm the Rip Van Winkle of the fashion world. For example, I just found out that neon and denim jackets from the 80s aren't popular anymore. Oh, wait...

For the record, I originally went with "Rumpelstiltskin of the fashion world" until The Google informed me that I was mixing up my fairy tales. Although, Rumpelstiltskin had some fashionable priorities, exchanging spun gold for jewelry and all. Plus he baked and brewed which means he had cookies, cocktails, and accessories. Now I'm conflicted and confused (as I'm sure you are). 

Red inspiration featuring Laura, Helena, Bree, Maria, Emerald, Kimberly, Kendi, Aimee, Mara, Christine, Audrey, Estefania, Amy, Kristy, Abigail, Kayley, Jane, LindseyGabrielle, and Meg. (Images link to respective GCOGH photos/boards and names link to blogs or profiles.)

P.S. If anyone recognizes the blogger/person in the bottom left photo please let me know. I'd love to update this post with the correct source. UPDATE: Found and linked. Thanks, CC! 










by Cynthia Brown on November 14, 2012

In honor of Monocle: Red Delicious we're giving away TWO $50 gift cards on our Facebook page. Entry is easy, simply stop by and tell us about your favorite apple related food! Ends Sunday 11-18.


by Cynthia Brown on November 4, 2012

Everyone has their own process when it comes to shopping. I'll sometimes add inspiration photos to my GCOGH boards in order to build the case for a particular piece. For example, I've been wanting to invest in a leather jacket and can't decide between black and brown as is evident herehereherehere, and here. (I'm good at persuading myself to be confused.) Eventually the the piece will convince me that it's versatile enough for my wardrobe, or this will happen

On that note, I've received member e-mails asking for a "shop this look" feature so I decided to give it a try with versatility in mind. This post deconstructs a popular photo from the GCOGH community that has both trend and classic elements. There are shopping options for each individual piece (everything is under $100, half are under $50), as well as a variety of remixing options. For more teal color palettes and outfits you can check out the post How to Wear Teal.

I'll try to do this feature a couple of times a month, that is unless I OD on HTML.


Audrey - Putting Me Together


Navy Blazer

Sources: Jill, LindaOn the Streets, Kendi


 Shop top row: Zappos, Macy's, Gap, Nordstrom

 Shop bottom row: Bloomingdale's, Macy's, Amazon, Nordstrom


Teal Top

Sources: Tanesha, Kendi, Krystal, Audrey


Shop top row: Bluefly, Jones New York, Piperlime, J.Crew

Shop bottom row: Banana Republic, Shopbop, Old Navy, Piperlime


Burgundy Bag

Shop clockwise from top left: Zappos, 6pm, ASOS, 6pm,


Beige Pumps

Sources: Anastasia, Kayley, Audrey, Jillian


Shop top row: Zappos, Zappos, Nordstrom

Shop bottom row: 6pm, 6pm, Zappos


Link Necklaces


Shop Nordstrom and Nordstrom