by Cynthia Brown on January 19, 2013

I say it all the time, but GCOGH members come up with the best ideas. It's always awesome to see people using the community features in creative ways that Rob and I never thought of. I'll do my best to share these GCOGH Pro Tips when I find them, because at the end of the day girls just wanna have organized closets ... and fun. 80s 4ever. 

Personal side note: In first grade I stood up during show and tell and told the whole class that I was going to shave the side of my head into checkers like Cyndi Lauper. (Embarressing yourself is a gift that starts at a young age.) That night my stepfather was game to do it but for some inexplicable reason my mom wasn't. Perhaps me cutting the center of my bangs super short right before kindergarten pictures had burned her out on hair experimentation. Perhaps.



A few weeks back I noticed that Karina had added her cute striped dress to a board called "Capsule Wardrobe 4". When I took a look at all of her boards there were several capsule wardrobes so I asked about them. Karina explained,

"The idea is to create a small group of items that work well together for remixing. This would be great for traveling, for pregnancy, nursing, or weight loss. Very helpful for identifying priorities in my new purchases. I've been using boards to experiment with the idea."

This is a fantastic use of the inspiration boards. I consulted with The Google to learn more about capsule wardrobes and found a ton of posts on the subject, so apparently I'm behind the curve per usual. A few articles are here, here, here, and here, and Audrey's entire blog is also a great resource for building a remixable closet. The cool thing is that capsule wardrobes don't mean you have to be a minimalist, rather they can be used as a tool to maximize what you have. Tips I found included:

  • Create a capsule wardrobe for each season and then you always have a group of basics to build on.
  • Create themed capsules that meet the various needs in your life such as date night, vacations, errands, small person playdates, work, etc.

I suppose you could also use the Create feature to assemble capsule wardrobes. If you go that route be sure to check out my post that discusses flexibility with ensembles. In any case, the overall concept is yet another great way to get organized and I appreciate that Karina brought it to my attention. 

If you've come up with an interesting way to use GCOGH please be sure to e-mail me. I'd love to hear about it and possibly share your GCOGH Pro Tip on the blog.

by Cynthia Brown on January 14, 2013

The new Monocle theme is Jewel Tones. After consulting with The Google I came to the conclusion that jewel tones are rich hues of blue, purple, red, yellow, and green with some deep pink (magenta?) and teal mixed in. Or they're just pretty colors that work well in winter. Anna Wintour will surely quote me on the latter. 



Rob's contribution to this post is a photo of Jewel wearing a jewel tone. I won't ruin this profound moment with words.


by Cynthia Brown on December 27, 2012

I'm no expert, but something tells me that animal print (especially leopard) is a "trend" in the way that blazers or scarves are a trend. When consulting with The Google I found that animal print was the "hottest trend for fall 2010" ... and spring/summer 2011, fall/winter 2012, and spring 2013. Well played retailers of the world.  



While not everyone can look effortless in a leopard coat, animal print shoes and accessories seem very doable for the everyday closet. With that in mind, below is some remixing inspiration from Monocle: Animal PrintRob and I recently went on vacation so this post will have an obnoxious number of images to make up for the fact that I've been slacking off with the blog. Enjoy!

Featuring photos from Amy, Alexandra, Lilly, Jane, JanBlairKendi, Kristy, Ying, Amber, Veronica, Lucy, Kate, Whitney, Audrey, Jen, Kate, Erica, Kimberly, Mandy, Su, Tanesha, Wendy, and Jenn. (Names link to blogs/profiles and images link to respective GCOGH photos/boards.)










by Cynthia Brown on December 7, 2012

One of the top theme requests for Monocle has been animal print so that's what we went with this time around. The second top request is that we change the theme more frequently. Good point.

On that note, over the weekend we added a few enhancements to Monocle. You'll notice that the bottom of the image now displays the profile thumbnail of the member who posted the photo, the board it was posted to, and the source link. Previously only members who uploaded their own outfit photos could participate, but this new format allows more of our awesome GCOGHers to be a part of Monocle. The other change is that we're now curating the page which will (hopefully) help us turn the theme over on a much more regular basis. Members simply have to upload their images and we'll take care of the rest. Lots more to come!


Photos: Veronica, Kristy, Audrey, Lucy, and Tanesha

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