by Cynthia Brown on March 26, 2013

For the most part I wear scarves year-round, but there are certain states in the U.S. where that kind of sartorial behavior is plain crazy (looking at you Texas, New York ... the rest of the country). Scientifically speaking, your neck is a pulse point so it's probably not advisable to wear a scarf when the temperatures are high. Instead might I suggest an ice pack, or perhaps a bag of frozen peas (emerald is in after all).

The current Monocle theme is scarves so I pulled together some warmish weather inspiration to get us rolling into spring. Featuring photos from Wendy, Kendi, Kayley, Gracey, Shannon, Nicole, Jules, Jessie, Christine, Audrey, Lilly, Veronica, Ariana, Cori, Jenna, Bree, Emerson Fry, and Tam. (Names link to blogs/profiles and images link to respective GCOGH photos/boards.)

by Cynthia Brown on February 21, 2013

Last Saturday night involved pizza, playing around with Google Analytics, and reading about ostrich feet. If you are looking for a nerd party you've come to the right place. 



Google Analytics is fun (fun?) because it shows me what search terms people are using to find GCOGH. It turns out that one of the top terms is "how do I incorporate closet orphans" as well as "clueless closet for computer". Since the whole point of Go Chic or Go Home is to help members make the most of what they have this little gem made my weekend (that and the ostrich feet).

I've discussed wardrobe maximization here, and the other week I shared how member Karina is using her inspiration boards to create capsule wardrobes. Here are a few more ways to make the most of what you have thanks to members Dawn, Laura, and Audrey.

Wear Your Closet

Dawn started a project and inspiration board called "Wear My Closet". She explains: 

"In the spirit of making sure I wear everything I own, I've decided to set myself a challenge--every day (M-F at least) I must wear a different piece of clothing from my closet until I've gone through my entire wardrobe. I'm allowed to repeat garments (like the same pants with different tops, etc), but each day I have to wear something "new". Let's see if I can actually pull this off."

Dawn is doing an awesome job of keeping up with her challenge and you can see all of the outfits she has worn here.

Seasonal Transitions

While exchanging e-mails with member Laura she mentioned an inspiration board she had created called "Wear Before Spring". She explained that the goal is to remove every piece from the board as she wears them this month. Such a fantastic idea for making the most of seasonal clothing!


Last but certainly not least, check out Audrey's awesome post about using GCOGH to make the most of lonely closet pieces. She is definitely a pro when it comes to the community. 

by Cynthia Brown on February 6, 2013

It turns out that "Plumb Crazy" is the correct way to write this old-timey phrase. Apparently the word "plumb" originates with plumbers and the periodic table, which is interesting for (nobody) the people who like to geek out with their fashion blogs. Useless knowledge is power. 

I mentioned my permanent attachment to the color green in this post, but purple was my favorite hue when I was growing up so that's what I went with for this Monocle: Jewel Tones review. Featuring photos from Samantha, Jas, Wendy, E, Merrick, Lilly, Salazar, Me, Nikki, Aimee, Jennine, Marie, Star, Blair, Brandilyn, Audrey, Sarah, Kate, Kasia, Kate, Kendi, Laura, Mandy, and Kenza. (Names link to blogs/profiles and images link to respective GCOGH photos/boards.)










by Cynthia Brown on January 31, 2013

Recently we ran a gift card giveaway on our Facebook page, and to enter members were asked to share a simple pleasure they had enjoyed or planned to enjoy that week. The answers made me smile so I had some fun and made a word cloud out of them. Reading, family, all forms of caffeine, and cookies - GCOGHers have good taste. 

Happy Weekend!