by Cynthia Brown on September 15, 2013

My style is relatively simple, but after taking a chance on some red heels I came to realize that a neutral wardrobe is actually a great candidate for bright shoes. Plus, there's just something about putting on red pumps that makes you feel fantastic without trying too hard. It goes without saying that nobody better step on my red suede shoes.

Below is some inspiration from around the GCOGH community. Featuring photos from Kendi, LaurenLuba, Lilly, Lilli, Nicole, Jessie, Audrey, Caroline, MeTamara, and Mireia. (Names link to blogs/profiles and images link to respective GCOGH pages.)



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by Cynthia Brown on September 4, 2013

Last week Rob and I visited New York for a working vacation. To avoid tearing the closet apart I "packed my bag" using Create, and during that process discovered a handy GCOGH feature. (There are two other posts about packing with GCOGH here and here.)



While dragging and dropping my clothes I realized that you can drag duplicate photos, hence making ensembles within ensembles. Did I just blow your mind? Or are you confused by the fact that it took me this long to figure out something so simple? Probably the latter.

I divided my outfits into New York AM and New York PM since most clothes that you wear (sweat through) during the day don't survive into the evening. Seeing all of my outfits lined up was really helpful so it seemed like a worthwhile tip to put up on the blog. On that note, I would love to hear from members who use the GCOGH tools in interesting ways. Feel free to e-mail me anytime so I can share your tip with the community! 

P.S. My favorite photo from New York taken during an early morning run. This treat was pretty great, too. So much to love about the city.


by Cynthia Brown on August 19, 2013

I'm excited to share that we've expanded our little Go Chic or Go Home family to include Chic Eats, a blog featuring everyday, seasonal, and regional food. It's time that my thoughts about pancakes and butter find a home other than GCOGH outfit photos.

To celebrate we're giving away a $100 Amazon Gift Card on the Chic Eats Facebook page. Would love for you to stop by!



by Cynthia Brown on July 27, 2013

I broke this series into two parts because there's no such thing as too many pictures of denim ... or stripes. Featuring outfit photos from Alissa, Caroline, Grace, Alexis, Silvia, Kendi, Lilly, Me, Christine, Emerald, and Tamia. (Names link blogs/profiles and images link to respective GCOGH pages/boards.)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!



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