by Cynthia Brown on April 2, 2011

This story began when Sally (of Already Pretty fame) wrote the following comment on one of my ensembles, "Cynthia, I clearly need to send you a large package full of COLORFUL CLOTHING. ;)" A truer statement has never been made. My wardrobe exists almost entirely in the neutral zone. And when I reviewed all of the ensembles I've created on GCOGH, well, nary a bright item could be found.

When it comes to fashion I like to think of myself as a minimalist, a Jo Baer of sorts.  Ok that's a stretch. Truth be told I love looking pretty and dressing up for fun events like date night with the husband, but my approach to fashion is relatively simple. Red lipstick is a go-to accessory, I own one piece with a floral pattern (dress - never worn), a few items with stripes, and roughly 85-90% of my closet is black, grey, white, navy, or brown. The sad little section of color hardly ever gets any love. All of this being said, Sally's comment inspired me to embark on a "once a week" challenge. I would pick one day where I remixed an ensemble on GCOGH that included an item of color, and then I would wear it. 

Perhaps I was just in a bit of a mood during my first attempt, but I failed miserably. After much remixing nothing worked.  The final ensemble is aptly titled "Challenge Fail" - black T, grey cardi, jeans, and black wedges. But positive things can come from failure. During my color flop I came to the conclusion that one top in particular would simply never work. An adorable bread + butter bubble number that I love on the hanger, have worn once, but realistically will never wear again because of how it fits me. Into the swap pile it went.

Then it occurred to me, not only was I trying to maximize my wardrobe, but by remixing clothing I usually avoid I managed to cull my closet. Yes it was only by one item, but the decision was super easy and I didn't have to spend hours agonizing over what to get rid of. 

The moral of this tale...Upload your personal wardrobe, remix to your heart's content, and once a week challenge yourself to add in something that you usually pass over. It's fun to give those forgotten gems new life, and it can be equally as nice to send lonely pieces to a new home.

Painting by Jo Baer, White Star, 1960-1961  

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by Cynthia Brown on March 23, 2011

Cookies are very serious business around these parts.  We love them...L-O-V-E!!  We also love Cookie Monster.  Deep down don't we all just want to stuff our face with cookies while crumbs fly with abandon?  Of course we do.  Below is Chez Brown's chocolate chip pecan recipe.  So easy, so good.

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