by Cynthia Brown on December 9, 2013

Plum and Burgundy jeans seem to come back around every fall/winter. Thank goodness for that. Not only is bordeaux versatile (fancy name for fancy pants), but the color is just so pretty. Here are 26 outfits to give you some inspiration for the jewel-toned denim in your closet. 

Featuring photos from Sandra, Sarah, Joanna, RachelKayley, KasiaToni, Patricia, Sofi, Audrey, KrystalKendi, Rita, Patience, Mallory, Cher, Caitlin, and Danielle. (Names link to blogs/profiles and images link to respective GCOGH pages.)



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by Cynthia Brown on October 16, 2013

Rob and I have a few back-to-back trips on the schedule so I decided to create a GCOGH board called Fall Capsule Suitcase. Having a base to work from is helpful, and now when I'm "packing" on the Create tab I can shortcut to my Fall Capsule board and then build/tweak from there. So much efficiency, so little time. There are several different ways to use GCOGH for travel and you can read about them herehere, and here.

Below is my recipe for fall packing. These items won't work for everyone but the overall concept lends itself to a variety of styles. Need some edge? Go with a leather jacket. Have a fancy dinner? Swap in a dress for one pair of jeans and add some heels. You get the idea. Just by looking up and down the page you can see tons of potential outfits, and minus the scarves (they don't take up much space) there are only 8 pieces!

"Organization is the zen of life." - Monica Geller (probably said that)



grey cardigan // moto jacket // utility jacket

black scarf // leopard scarf // mustard scarf

grey striped top // chambray top // cobalt sweater

olive skinnies // dark denim

black converse // leopard flats // cognac boots

by Cynthia Brown on September 29, 2013

Every season, color, and style seems to work with a leopard scarf.

Every type of meal from sweet to savory works with bacon.

Leopard scarves are the bacon of wardrobe pieces.

I may be confusing the Chic Eats and GCOGH blogs at this point ... more mixed metaphors to come.

Featuring photos from Kimberly, Mandy, HelenaAmy, Sarah, Veronica, Cover Up Chic, Bonnie, Whitney, Anni, Kate, LillyTamara, and Audrey. (Names link to blogs/profiles and images link to respective GCOGH pages.) Technically some of these may be cheetah prints - my apologies to the fashion police.



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by Cynthia Brown on September 19, 2013

Many of my wardrobe pieces were purchased at a reduced price or with a discount code. I'm a sale junkie (Loehmann's being my long-time dealer), so the coupon/sale feature on GCOGH is near and dear to my heart.

When you follow a retailer on Go Chic or Go Home, their respective coupon codes and sales will appear on your Home wall. It's a great way to stay on top of deals without having to fish through your e-mail inbox. 

Over the last several months members have e-mailed me with requests for new brands (Target and Anthro are defintiely feeling the love). I've gone ahead and expanded our partnerships to include Kate Spade, Target, Lord & Taylor, Lane Bryant, ALDO, Last Call by Neiman Marcus, and many more. To follow your favorite brand you can visit the Retailers page, and all active coupons are always available on the Shop tab. If you ever want to turn the Home wall messages off simply unfollow the retailer. Easy.

I'm happy to take any and all brand suggestions into consideration so please continue to e-mail me me with requests.