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How to Remix One Piece Many Ways on GCOGH

Making the most of what you have is definitely our thing around here, so it's no wonder that GCOGH members are the remixing masters of the universe. In order to maximize all of those ensembles and options it helps to explore the various ways individual pieces are being utilized.
I've received several questions and suggestions regarding the community tools and how they can be used to remix One Piece Many Ways. (Thank you for the awesome feedback!) It seemed worthwhile to share some of those ideas on the blog. While putting this post together I realized there are more ways to creatively use the tools than I can cover so I'm just hitting the highlights. Please feel free to add additional thoughts in the comments.

How to Pack for Fall Travel

Rob and I have a few back-to-back trips on the schedule so I decided to create a GCOGH board called Fall Capsule Suitcase. Having a base to work from is helpful, and now when I'm "packing" on the Create tab I can shortcut to my Fall Capsule board and then build/tweak from there. So much efficiency, so little time. There are several different ways to use GCOGH for travel and you can read about them herehere, and here.

Below is my recipe for fall packing. These items won't work for everyone but the overall concept lends itself to a variety of styles. Need some edge? Go with a leather jacket. Have a fancy dinner? Swap in a dress for one pair of jeans and add some heels. You get the idea. Just by looking up and down the page you can see tons of potential outfits, and minus the scarves (they don't take up much space) there are only 8 pieces!

"Organization is the zen of life." - Monica Geller (probably said that)



grey cardigan // moto jacket // utility jacket

black scarf // leopard scarf // mustard scarf

grey striped top // chambray top // cobalt sweater

olive skinnies // dark denim

black converse // leopard flats // cognac boots

New Retailers and Sales on GCOGH

Many of my wardrobe pieces were purchased at a reduced price or with a discount code. I'm a sale junkie (Loehmann's being my long-time dealer), so the coupon/sale feature on GCOGH is near and dear to my heart.

When you follow a retailer on Go Chic or Go Home, their respective coupon codes and sales will appear on your Home wall. It's a great way to stay on top of deals without having to fish through your e-mail inbox. 

Over the last several months members have e-mailed me with requests for new brands (Target and Anthro are defintiely feeling the love). I've gone ahead and expanded our partnerships to include Kate Spade, Target, Lord & Taylor, Lane Bryant, ALDO, Last Call by Neiman Marcus, and many more. To follow your favorite brand you can visit the Retailers page, and all active coupons are always available on the Shop tab. If you ever want to turn the Home wall messages off simply unfollow the retailer. Easy.

I'm happy to take any and all brand suggestions into consideration so please continue to e-mail me me with requests.


How to Pack Using Go Chic or Go Home

Last week Rob and I visited New York for a working vacation. To avoid tearing the closet apart I "packed my bag" using Create, and during that process discovered a handy GCOGH feature. (There are two other posts about packing with GCOGH here and here.)



While dragging and dropping my clothes I realized that you can drag duplicate photos, hence making ensembles within ensembles. Did I just blow your mind? Or are you confused by the fact that it took me this long to figure out something so simple? Probably the latter.

I divided my outfits into New York AM and New York PM since most clothes that you wear (sweat through) during the day don't survive into the evening. Seeing all of my outfits lined up was really helpful so it seemed like a worthwhile tip to put up on the blog. On that note, I would love to hear from members who use the GCOGH tools in interesting ways. Feel free to e-mail me anytime so I can share your tip with the community! 

P.S. My favorite photo from New York taken during an early morning run. This treat was pretty great, too. So much to love about the city.


How to Link to Your GCOGH Profile

This week Audrey of Putting Me Together posted about her "One Piece Many Ways" link up. Taking an item and remixing it multiple ways is how we roll around here, so I was pretty happy to hear from some members who want to use their GCOGH profiles to participate. 



When looking at your profile the url is just "/my/profile", so if you want a direct link go to the Badges page (also found in the footer). You'll see that the extended url is in the block of text to the right. As always feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions. 

Happy Weekend!


How to Get and Share Advice on GCOGH

Quite a few members have reached out with questions like:

  • How do I start a discussion?
  • Who sees my comments?
  • How can I get advice from other members on what to wear?

Humor me while I give the long explanation. Also, look at Dionne's Polaroid camera! Clueless forever.



When Rob and I started Go Chic or Go Home, the idea was to create a community that maintained a sense of intimacy while also allowing members to meet and mingle. It's a tricky balance. Our goal with GCOGH was to take the everyday process of getting dressed and make it virtual. With that in mind, the best "real life" fashion advice generally comes from those who are familiar with your style, your wardrobe, etc. Personally I would rather get input from a handful of  people who know what works for me than 100 who don't.

This is where the virtual closets, boards, and "following" come in. GCOGH is the equivalent of standing in your physical closet with a bunch of friends discussing outfit options and inspiration ... while the wizard behind the hangers hands you sale coupons. Seems normal enough. Or as Danielle put it, "It's like Pinterest married Cher's closet from Clueless!" Now wouldn't that make pretty babies.

Which brings me around to how you can make the most of the community.

Find Fashion Friends!

There are a number of ways to find and follow members who have style similar to yours. 

  • Check out some of the profiles on the Featured Members page and browse through their respective inspiration photos, outfits, and ensembles. If you like what you see follow the member and most importantly leave a few helpful comments. Conversation is the best way to build relationships on GCOGH. Not everyone will follow you back, but if you see that the member is pretty active there's a good chance they will.​​
  • Invite your friends to the community via the Invite feature on the left!
  • Visit the Explore tab and browse through the Outfits and Ensembles pages. This is a great way to get a feel for a member's personal style and what inspires them, and that will help you decide if it's someone you'd like to follow.
  • Uploading your own outfit and inspiration photos will attract members with a similar fashion sense to your profile. This is an excellent way to contribute to the GCOGH community and gain followers. 
  • Make sure your "Style" preferences are selected in your profile so other members know what you like.

Who will see your comments and discussion threads? 

  • If you comment on a photo, thread, or ensemble the original poster will receive a notification and any members who follow you will see the comment on their Home wall. This is similar to how Facebook and Twitter work. 
  • Members who follow you will see your discussion threads on their Home wall. If a member comments on your thread then their followers will also see it. Again, think Facebook and Twitter. 

The community is growing like crazy so there are tons of opportunities to meet new people and expand your fashion horizons. Like Ren and Stimpy, making the most of what you have is way existential.

How to Pack with GCOGH

A few weeks ago member Crystal asked if there was a way to add ensembles to boards so that she could make a packing list. Right now GCOGH lets members organize ensembles with Notes and Tags, but adding ensembles to boards is a great idea so I went ahead and included it in our feature queue. Give us feedback and we'll listen!

Crystal's suggestion got me thinking about packing tools, and at the time I happened to be getting ready for a trip to Texas. While playing with the site I realized that there actually is a way to group travel outfits virtually on GCOGH and it's defintiely helpful.



Back in the days of yore (circa early 2012) packing involved laying out clothes on the bed, and then pairing pieces up to try and figure out what could be reused, combined, etc. This is a hard way to visualize outfits. I've already created hundreds of ensembles with everything in my closet so it makes far more sense to skip the mess and pick my travel outfits on GCOGH. 

Here's the method to my madness.

  • Step 1: In this post I discussed the genius ways that members use GCOGH to pack. In a nutshell, use the Create tab to make one large ensemble with all of the clothes that might work - it's like a virtual suitcase. Then start clicking on the individual pieces to see what ensembles have been made with each item. 
  • Step 2: This is my new trick. As I find ensembles that seem right for my trip I simply "Edit" them and add the "Packing" tag. Now all I have to do it go to My Ensembles and filter by "Packing". Every outfit I plan to wear is neatly laid out right there on the screen.

I usually end up swapping pieces out and editing my original "large ensemble" until I'm happy with all of the outfit options. I don't know about the rest of the world, but "options" have always been my overpacking downfall. That being said, I wore every pair of shoes and all but one top on our Texas trip. It's the little victories.

Stole this image idea from Kendi. No shame.

How to Incorporate Closet Orphans

Last Saturday night involved pizza, playing around with Google Analytics, and reading about ostrich feet. If you are looking for a nerd party you've come to the right place. 



Google Analytics is fun (fun?) because it shows me what search terms people are using to find GCOGH. It turns out that one of the top terms is "how do I incorporate closet orphans" as well as "clueless closet for computer". Since the whole point of Go Chic or Go Home is to help members make the most of what they have this little gem made my weekend (that and the ostrich feet).

I've discussed wardrobe maximization here, and the other week I shared how member Karina is using her inspiration boards to create capsule wardrobes. Here are a few more ways to make the most of what you have thanks to members Dawn, Laura, and Audrey.

Wear Your Closet

Dawn started a project and inspiration board called "Wear My Closet". She explains: 

"In the spirit of making sure I wear everything I own, I've decided to set myself a challenge--every day (M-F at least) I must wear a different piece of clothing from my closet until I've gone through my entire wardrobe. I'm allowed to repeat garments (like the same pants with different tops, etc), but each day I have to wear something "new". Let's see if I can actually pull this off."

Dawn is doing an awesome job of keeping up with her challenge and you can see all of the outfits she has worn here.

Seasonal Transitions

While exchanging e-mails with member Laura she mentioned an inspiration board she had created called "Wear Before Spring". She explained that the goal is to remove every piece from the board as she wears them this month. Such a fantastic idea for making the most of seasonal clothing!


Last but certainly not least, check out Audrey's awesome post about using GCOGH to make the most of lonely closet pieces. She is definitely a pro when it comes to the community. 

GCOGH Pro Tip: Capsule Wardrobes

I say it all the time, but GCOGH members come up with the best ideas. It's always awesome to see people using the community features in creative ways that Rob and I never thought of. I'll do my best to share these GCOGH Pro Tips when I find them, because at the end of the day girls just wanna have organized closets ... and fun. 80s 4ever. 

Personal side note: In first grade I stood up during show and tell and told the whole class that I was going to shave the side of my head into checkers like Cyndi Lauper. (Embarressing yourself is a gift that starts at a young age.) That night my stepfather was game to do it but for some inexplicable reason my mom wasn't. Perhaps me cutting the center of my bangs super short right before kindergarten pictures had burned her out on hair experimentation. Perhaps.



A few weeks back I noticed that Karina had added her cute striped dress to a board called "Capsule Wardrobe 4". When I took a look at all of her boards there were several capsule wardrobes so I asked about them. Karina explained,

"The idea is to create a small group of items that work well together for remixing. This would be great for traveling, for pregnancy, nursing, or weight loss. Very helpful for identifying priorities in my new purchases. I've been using boards to experiment with the idea."

This is a fantastic use of the inspiration boards. I consulted with The Google to learn more about capsule wardrobes and found a ton of posts on the subject, so apparently I'm behind the curve per usual. A few articles are here, here, here, and here, and Audrey's entire blog is also a great resource for building a remixable closet. The cool thing is that capsule wardrobes don't mean you have to be a minimalist, rather they can be used as a tool to maximize what you have. Tips I found included:

  • Create a capsule wardrobe for each season and then you always have a group of basics to build on.
  • Create themed capsules that meet the various needs in your life such as date night, vacations, errands, small person playdates, work, etc.

I suppose you could also use the Create feature to assemble capsule wardrobes. If you go that route be sure to check out my post that discusses flexibility with ensembles. In any case, the overall concept is yet another great way to get organized and I appreciate that Karina brought it to my attention. 

If you've come up with an interesting way to use GCOGH please be sure to e-mail me. I'd love to hear about it and possibly share your GCOGH Pro Tip on the blog.

Make the Most of What You Have

Audrey of Putting Me Together wrote a fantastic post about making the most of what you have using Go Chic or Go Home. Specifically Audrey explained how she used GCOGH to breathe new life into two neglected (albeit cute) tops. The post is a great read for anyone using the closet features in the community. AND...




At the end of her GCOGH master class Audrey challenged Putting Me Together readers to choose one "closet orphan" and use Go Chic or Go Home to remix it into a new outfit. To make things even more interesting we've thrown in TWO $50 gift cards to any of the retailers that we work with. If you're already a remixing master on GCOGH stop by and share a link and a closet orphan story, or, use this as motivation to start shopping your closet!