Cynthia Brown

The Cure for Overpacking

I am indecisive. Case in point - I usually spend 1-2 minutes assessing the cheese / sauce / crust / pepperoni ratio before choosing between two pieces of pizza. (Pie is serious business.) This indecisiveness combined with liking outfit options when I travel makes me a chronic overpacker.

One of the many awesome things about watching the community grow is seeing how GCOGHers use the site in ways Rob and I never thought of. A while back I noticed that members were "packing" for trips using the Create feature. Here are some examples from Annabelle, Erica, Anne, Felicity, and Iris.
I had to travel last week and decided to give virtual packing a try. Friends, this method is genius. I wore every pair of shoes and all but one top while on my trip. I may be cured ... well, let's not get ahead of ourselves.
I build up from my shoes, so here's how I packed on GCOGH with links to the steps:
  • Choose your shoes.
  • To get outfit ideas, click on the individual shoe choices and see what ensembles you've made with them.
  • Instead of throwing your clothes on the bed and making a mess, go to the Create tab and drag all of the clothing and accessory options into an "ensemble" (but in this case it's really a virtual suitcase).
  • Create new ensembles with the pieces in your "bag" to make sure you're covered for each day of the trip. It's basically a mini remix challenge. 
  • Assess/Add/Remove as needed.
Not only was I far more efficient with my packing, but Rob was thankful that he didn't have to dive roll under a wall of clothes hanging from the bedroom door frame (my old remixing station). Everyone wins. 
Image - Vintage Car and Girl by Corrie Bond

anne m bray
anne m bray

Aw, thanks for the mention! I had to totally rework my ideas because cold and rain were predicted for that particular trip. Mother Nature. So fickle.

June 14 at 3:12pm
Erica Foss
Erica Foss

Thanks Cynthia! This has easily become one of my favorite ways to use this site, now that I am traveling so much for work! Cheers!

June 15 at 8:05am