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Plum Crazy

It turns out that "Plumb Crazy" is the correct way to write this old-timey phrase. Apparently the word "plumb" originates with plumbers and the periodic table, which is interesting for (nobody) the people who like to geek out with their fashion blogs. Useless knowledge is power. 

I mentioned my permanent attachment to the color green in this post, but purple was my favorite hue when I was growing up so that's what I went with for this Monocle: Jewel Tones review. Featuring photos from Samantha, Jas, Wendy, E, Merrick, Lilly, Salazar, Me, Nikki, Aimee, Jennine, Marie, Star, Blair, Brandilyn, Audrey, Sarah, Kate, Kasia, Kate, Kendi, Laura, Mandy, and Kenza. (Names link to blogs/profiles and images link to respective GCOGH photos/boards.)










Marie-Eve Legault
Marie-Eve Legault

Love plum ! Great inspiration !

February 7 at 4:55pm
Jackie Campbell
Jackie Campbell

I agree with Marie-Eve, plums and purples are a fave of mine!

February 28 at 10:11am

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