Cynthia Brown

Make the Most of What You Have

Audrey of Putting Me Together wrote a fantastic post about making the most of what you have using Go Chic or Go Home. Specifically Audrey explained how she used GCOGH to breathe new life into two neglected (albeit cute) tops. The post is a great read for anyone using the closet features in the community. AND...




At the end of her GCOGH master class Audrey challenged Putting Me Together readers to choose one "closet orphan" and use Go Chic or Go Home to remix it into a new outfit. To make things even more interesting we've thrown in TWO $50 gift cards to any of the retailers that we work with. If you're already a remixing master on GCOGH stop by and share a link and a closet orphan story, or, use this as motivation to start shopping your closet! 

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