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Desperately Seeking Jeggings

We here at Go Chic or Go Home are not fashionista commandos. The space in our brains is occupied by Drupal, XML, and food, not jeggings and shooties. That being said, the whole jegging thing kept coming up (this being a fashion-oriented website and all) so we finally had to ask...what exactly is a jegging? We decided to send a brave member of the team out to perform some field research. The goal - to fully understand the anatomy of a jegging.

The Researcher: Female in her 30s.

The Question: What is a jegging?

The Hypothesis: Jeggings are the Frankenstein offspring of jeans and leggings.

Methods: Prior to the hands-on experiments, our researcher consulted with Wikipedia on the matter. According to Wikipedia, "Jeggings are leggings which are styled to look like tight denim jeans.  The 'J' not only refers to the appearance of denim, but also to the fact that they were first worn for jogging in early 2009."  Um, huh??  People wore leggings that looked like jeans to jog?  Sure, that makes as much sense as you know, nothing.

Keeping this somewhat useless information in mind our intrepid researcher then ventured out to a traditional retail store to see these jeggings first hand. She tried on pair after pair of pants that were labeled as “jeggings” as well as skinny jeans for comparison purposes. After a long day of dressing rooms, ripped price tags, and tangled hair (getting in and out of those suckers is a workout!) our researcher did the normal thing and found the nearest fountain of Purell ... to bathe in.

Results and Analysis: Jeggings fall into two categories. 1) Jeggings that are basically legging material made to look like denim with fake pockets and belt loops to fancy them up. We’ll call these “poser jeggings”.  2) Jeggings that are a true cross between denim and legging material. These are essentially a denim fabric with the elasticity of a legging – more pull on jeans than leggings. We’ll call these “denim jeggings”.

Poser jeggings are like a denim spray tan.  Better yet they’re like an Oompa Loompa spray tan in the dead of winter. The acid-washed versions are especially terrible. Poser jeggings also do not offer much support, so, unless you have a rock hard or perfectly petite physique all your bits and bumps will be on full display. We suggest that you doompadee don’t wear these poser duds.

Denim jeggings on the other hand were not half bad. As it turns out the little Frankensteins are quite flattering for the tush. Enough support to smooth and lift, not so much support that they flatten. As a side note, the pair of denim jeggings our researcher ultimately purchased had a 1 ½ inch elastic band that extended up above the top of the pants. This is a brilliant touch on the designer's part in that it prevents any unsightly muffin top action.  

Skinny jeans were part of the research so we will throw in the results for kicks. It seems that many people wear skinny jeans a little long so that they “scrunch” at the bottom. Our researcher definitely preferred the more tailored look of an ankle cut or slight crop – i.e. no scrunch. She said the “scrunchy” jeans reminded her of the game where you crinkle up the plastic straw wrapper and then drip water on the wrapper to make it wriggle like a worm. We all get that analogy right? Bueller?

Conclusions: Our researcher’s preference was for denim jeggings and skinny jeans that are cropped at the ankle or just above. They are a bit like jean capris. With a black sweater, black flats/pumps/boots, and a scarf, Audrey Hepburn might even approve…well, maybe.

If you're concerned your legs will look like carrots in skinny jeans or denim jeggings (for everyone with a normal body this is a concern) boots can help to balance things out. However, while UGGS are perfectly fine as boots, you musn't wear UGGS unless you are in the snow or cold weather. In addition, please don't wear UGGS with skirts, with shorts, or on a sunny 70 degree day (i.e. not in SoCal …pretty much ever). 

Another option is to pair the denim jeggings with pumps and a chunky cardigan or sweater.  The pumps help to make the legs look long and lean. Below is a very basic mix-and-match section to give you some ideas.  Again, we’re geeks not fashion gurus.

Piperlime Sweaters Piperlime Top

Jeggings and Skinny Jeans

Black BootsBlack Flats

Brown BootsBrown Flats



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UPDATE: Conan O'Brien professes his love for jeggings.

Carrie G (GCOGH Guest)

Love the post. Who makes the brown flats?

November 12 at 12:20pm
Cynthia Brown
Cynthia Brown

Thanks! Corso Como makes those flats:

November 12 at 2:42pm
Cathy  Crockett-Svejda
Cathy Crockett-Svejda

Very funny and entertaining post. Also very informative. Keep them coming!! I also love those brown flats!

November 12 at 7:51pm
Alexa (GCOGH Guest)

Jeggings are great...comfortable and they're the best for traveling. Personally I love UGGS, but I agree that they look ridiculous with skirts and shorts. Fun post!

November 14 at 4:17pm
Christina Rees
Christina Rees

I'm not in my 20s anymore so I prefer skinny jeans to jeggings, but if done right both can work for a lot of ages and shapes. My combos are usually chunky on top with boots on the bottom since flats don't flatter my body type. Agree with @Alexa about the traveling and comfort.

November 27 at 1:19pm
Cynthia Brown
Cynthia Brown

I would have preferred Conan in a darker wash.

December 3 at 12:16am
Brit W (GCOGH Guest)

Love Conan!! If that's not inspiration to wear jeggings, I don't know what is.

December 3 at 12:38am
Fleur (GCOGH Guest)

I like Uggs with long skirts.

December 3 at 7:46am
Jeff (GCOGH Guest)

Not sure what's better, The Hoff or Conan. Had no idea what jeggings were but this is pretty funny.

December 3 at 12:57pm
Biana (GCOGH Guest)

If you're reading this, you're all set, pardner!

August 28 at 10:52am

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