by Cynthia Brown on April 7, 2014

It looks like spring has arrived, if by spring I mean rain in Santa Monica (what is this liquid?!) and snow in Pennsylvania. Mother Nature is a big fan of April Fool's Day. Huge.

Since warm sunny days are definitely ahead, we're celebrating with a $50 Gift Card Giveaway over on the GCOGH Facebook page. Super easy to enter and ends 4.11. The winner will be able to choose from any of the retailers that GCOGH works with. Good luck!



by Cynthia Brown on March 11, 2014
Making the most of what you have is definitely our thing around here, so it's no wonder that GCOGH members are the remixing masters of the universe. In order to maximize all of those ensembles and options it helps to explore the various ways individual pieces are being utilized.
I've received several questions and suggestions regarding the community tools and how they can be used to remix One Piece Many Ways. (Thank you for the awesome feedback!) It seemed worthwhile to share some of those ideas on the blog. While putting this post together I realized there are more ways to creatively use the tools than I can cover so I'm just hitting the highlights. Please feel free to add additional thoughts in the comments.
But first, some quick tips...
  • If you want to copy several images to a new board use the Edit All page (in the Home menu). You can filter by color, type, etc. for easy navigation.
  • Speaking of filters, be sure to categorize and tag your photos accurately. This weekend I created a Utility Jacket inspiration board and was able to quickly narrow down hundreds of my photos by filtering on "Outfit Photo", "Green", and then "Utility". 
  • You can have the same photo on as many boards as you like. Adding an existing image to another board just makes a copy.
  • Members frequently split their closets up between several boards, but they still want the ability to search all of the images at once when necessary. No problem! The page My Uploaded Photos (in the Home menu) allows you to filter all of your photos by color, tags, and type. Thanks to member Patricia for asking that question.
One Piece Many Ways
  • Your Clothing Items


The easiest way to see all of the ensembles and outfits associated with a single item is to simply click on the respective photo. For example, when I click on my Madewell leopard flats (above) I can view everything right on the page. It's incredibly useful when packing or when I happen to be in the mood for a touch of sass on my feet. How often do you want to wear a specific piece from your closet but then blank on ideas? Exactly.
  • Ensembles / The Create Tab
You can add multiple copies of the same piece when creating an ensemble. This feature is especially helpful when packing since it allows you to create a single visual for every outfit you plan to wear. In the example above I paired a few copies of my utility jacket with various items I was going to pack. When you think about it, adding an ensemble to an ensemble is basically a board of ensembles. Is your mind blown? Did I just become the Neil deGrasse Tyson of fashion? Thanks to member Breanne for the thoughts about grouping ensembles.
  • Boards


Inspiration boards can be used to highlight a specific piece many different ways. For example, I'm pondering a leather jacket and created the board "Leather" for ideas (or as I like to call it, a sartorial is winning). I could even add some of my favorite wardrobe pieces to see what inspiration photos work best with what I actually own.
  • Tags
Several members have been using ensembles as collections featuring a theme (such as color scheme) or specific wardrobe piece (examples here and here). This approach is great if you don't want to commit an entire board to a single item but still have a need to group some photos together. To help with organization we added the tag "One Piece Many Ways". The Edit All Ensembles page is useful if you have several tags to add. Thanks to member Dawn Marie for that suggestion.
  • Packing
Not to go off topic, but a reminder that packing is an awesome use of the Create feature and sort of kind of fits with what we're talking about. There are posts on that herehere, and here. An example of a "suitcase ensemble" is Audrey's conference prep
Stay chic and bright, friends. The stars live within you.

by Cynthia Brown on December 9, 2013

Plum and Burgundy jeans seem to come back around every fall/winter. Thank goodness for that. Not only is bordeaux versatile (fancy name for fancy pants), but the color is just so pretty. Here are 26 outfits to give you some inspiration for the jewel-toned denim in your closet. 

Featuring photos from Sandra, Sarah, Joanna, RachelKayley, KasiaToni, Patricia, Sofi, Audrey, KrystalKendi, Rita, Patience, Mallory, Cher, Caitlin, and Danielle. (Names link to blogs/profiles and images link to respective GCOGH pages.)



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by Cynthia Brown on October 16, 2013

Rob and I have a few back-to-back trips on the schedule so I decided to create a GCOGH board called Fall Capsule Suitcase. Having a base to work from is helpful, and now when I'm "packing" on the Create tab I can shortcut to my Fall Capsule board and then build/tweak from there. So much efficiency, so little time. There are several different ways to use GCOGH for travel and you can read about them herehere, and here.

Below is my recipe for fall packing. These items won't work for everyone but the overall concept lends itself to a variety of styles. Need some edge? Go with a leather jacket. Have a fancy dinner? Swap in a dress for one pair of jeans and add some heels. You get the idea. Just by looking up and down the page you can see tons of potential outfits, and minus the scarves (they don't take up much space) there are only 8 pieces!

"Organization is the zen of life." - Monica Geller (probably said that)



grey cardigan // moto jacket // utility jacket

black scarf // leopard scarf // mustard scarf

grey striped top // chambray top // cobalt sweater

olive skinnies // dark denim

black converse // leopard flats // cognac boots